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Writing the Setting of a Story and How Self-Publishers Can Bring Their World to Life

setting of a storyThe setting of a story, whether a book or short story, if written well, can, in a way, become another character in the novel. Despite it being the background of a novel, sometimes it can transcend space to become something more. The plot of the story revolves around it, the characters live in it, and the reader becomes engrossed by it. When deciding on the setting of a story, the writer must be sure it’s one that adds to the plot of the story rather than hides in the background. 

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How to Make Money as a Writer

how to make money as a writerArt is a refuge. It’s a cornerstone of society, a reminder of beauty and revolution and comfort. Art museums, music, libraries – they’re all necessary aspects in culture. Yet, despite this high regard, too often writers (as well as other artists) are not compensated as they properly should be. It can be difficult, figuring out how to make money as a writer and often that’s because institutions don’t pay what they should, but it’s not impossible. As a writer, you should always hold your art in the highest regard; know your worth and demand it.

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Parts of a Novel: What is Foreword, Preface, Introduction, Prologue, and Epilogue?

Parts of a novelLast week our blog post was all about how to write a novel, part one and part two. This week, however, we’re telling you all about the different parts that make up a novel. You’ve surely heard the terms or seen them in books: foreword, preface, introduction, prologue, and epilogue. But what are they, exactly? Are they interchangeable? Do you need them? We’ll answer these questions below.
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Self-Publishing When You’re Not a “Writer”

self-publishingA lot of our blog posts lately have been targeted toward self-identified “writers” (novelists, poets, memoirists)—whether that’s people who have published before, people who wish to publish, or people who simply believe they have what it takes to be an author. Because of this, a lot of the content can be skewed toward creativity, storytelling, fiction, and the writing process. We at DiggyPOD, however, know that self-publishing draws in quite the crowd—and that crowd isn’t always limited to writers. “Self-publishing” and “writer” aren’t mutually exclusive terms.

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Book Reviews: How to Get Them and Why They’re Important for Self-Published Authors

self-published book reviewsSometimes, unless you’re a well-established, self-published writer with a following, getting people to buy your book can be the hardest part. This is one of the most important driving factor in self-publishing, too—not the sales, but rather, getting your words out there and your book into the hands of readers everywhere. There are ways to do it, of course. Marketing is incredibly important for sales, which should be obvious. The less obvious option, however, is getting book reviews (good ones, that is!). Book reviews can say more than the summary, sometimes. A good book review can mean the difference in someone buying your book or someone moving onto something else.
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Book Publishing 101: Self-Publishing vs. Traditional

book publishingThere are two common routes of book publishing one could take: self-publishing or traditional publishing. Obviously there are differences between the two, but each has its benefits and its pitfalls. Typically, traditional book publishing is thought of as the norm, as better than self-publishing, but if you read last week’s blog post, you know that isn’t true.

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5 Self-Publishing Misconceptions

self-publishingDespite being an established, diverse, and thriving industry, self-publishing is still shrouded in misconceptions. Perhaps it’s because traditional publishing has been the norm for so long. Or, maybe it’s because not enough people know where to find self-published work. Whatever the reason, people still believe so many falsities about the industry. From why authors choose to self-publish to how well self-published books sell, DiggyPOD is here to dispel those misconceptions.

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How to Promote Self-Published Writing

self-publishedSo you’ve self-published a book—congratulations! DiggyPOD knows a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears went into the writing and editing of your book. We’re proud to provide you with a top-notch, quality product. Your hard work isn’t over, though: now it’s time to sell that book. Your sales will depend entirely on how well you market and promote your book.

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5 Self-Publishing Success Stories

self-publishing success storiesWhen you think of self-published authors, you tend to think of small-time writers with minimal sales and impact. However, in the digital age, with a plethora of self-publishing companies available and the option to market your book on social media, self-publishing can lead to big-time, traditional success. Gone are the days of needing a marketing team and publishing house behind you to sell your book. Just take a look at these self-publishing success stories.
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