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How to Publish a Book with DiggyPOD

Authors new to the publishing world often ask us how to print a book. What are the first steps? How do they get started? These are all valid questions. If you've never self-published a book before, the process could seem overwhelming, with questions popping up at every next step. But self-publishing can be easy, especially when you work with the team at DiggyPOD. We've been helping authors print their books since 2004!

Please review the five easy steps below to learn how to print a book with DiggyPOD.

  1. Review File Format

  2. Self-publishers should review our file format requirements to get a good understanding of how to format their book files. Read more about our how to publish a book resources to learn about font embedding and how to match your PDF to the correct trim size. Knowing the file format requirements for print upfront will save you time when it comes time to print a book.

    book file format required
  3. Download Free Interior Book Template

  4. The second step is to format your interior text pages to match the book size you've chosen. Once you have decided the size of your book, you will want to review our interior book templates and margins guide to make sure you set up the interior pages of your book correctly. You can download one of our book text templates (in your book size) or you can watch our video tutorials and adjust the margins in your word processor. This is an important technical step required to publish a book.

    how to create a book text template
  5. Create a Book Cover Template

  6. Every book needs a cover! Whether you're creating a book cover yourself or would like to have a professional design your book cover, DiggyPOD can help you every step of the way. If you're creating the book cover yourself, use this helpful DIY Book Cover Layout guide that walks you through image resolution and dimension, text placement, book spine design, barcode/ISBN placement and more. And if you're interested in professional design, we offer professional cover design for only $99.

    how to use a book cover template
  7. Print Your Book to a Print-Ready PDF

  8. Creating a PDF file is the second-to-last step the author must do to get a book printed. We recommend doing a few things to create a good PDF file for high-quality printing. Our video tutorial walks you through creating a PDF and font embedding. Once you have turned your book files into a PDF file, you will want to review the files one last time before sending them to be printed.

    how to create a PDF
  9. Place an Order

  10. After you have reviewed your files and are ready to print it’s time to place an order. Use our Instant Book Printing Price Calculator to begin the ordering process.

    place book printing order

Why Self-Publish with DiggyPOD?

DiggyPOD has been helping self-publishing authors get their book published for over ten years, and we know how to make the printing process easy and affordable with:

  • Straightforward, upfront pricing.
  • No contracts, ever.
  • You are the self-publisher and retain the rights to your book.
  • Customer Service available to help, but not upsell.
  • Paper, Binding and Size options available.
  • Free cover and text templates.

This is where all the years of dreaming of getting a book published come true! Our knowledgeable staff will work with you as you learn how to print a book. Please give us a call at (877) 944-7844 and/or visit our Self-Publishing Q&A resource. If you're ready to get started, place your order today!

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