Self-Publishing When You’re Not a “Writer”

self-publishingA lot of our blog posts lately have been targeted toward self-identified “writers” (novelists, poets, memoirists)—whether that’s people who have published before, people who wish to publish, or people who simply believe they have what it takes to be an author. Because of this, a lot of the content can be skewed toward creativity, storytelling, fiction, and the writing process. We at DiggyPOD, however, know that self-publishing draws in quite the crowd—and that crowd isn’t always limited to writers. “Self-publishing” and “writer” aren’t mutually exclusive terms.

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Self-Publishing vs. Vanity Presses

self-publishing vanity pressThe main appeal of self-publishing is the amount of control the writer, and therefore publisher, retains. DiggyPOD keeps this in mind, and doing so, we take all possible measures to ensure that the author of the book is calling the shots—and owning all the rights. If you keep up with our blog, you’ve seen that we’ve written about the benefits of self-publishing when it comes to contracts, royalties, and copyright. Self-publishing should, in an ideal business, mean that the writer is the owner of the copyright, there is no contract, and royalties don’t exist (because the writer keeps 100% of the profits). Sadly, this isn’t the case for all presses, like a vanity press.
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Press Release: DiggyPOD, Inc. Writing Scholarship

2017 writing scholarshipsDiggyPOD, Inc., a Digital Book Printing on Demand Company that helps the self-publisher become published, is proud to announce three writing scholarships for college-enrolled students pursuing an English or Creative Writing Degree.

DiggyPOD excels at turning authors’ dreams of becoming published a reality and wants to contribute to the upcoming writing community. DiggyPOD is going to be awarding a total of $3,000 in writing scholarships. 
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Press Release – Mitabook Hardcover Casing-In Machine

Tecumseh, Mi: DiggyPOD Purchases Mitabook Hardcover Casing-In Machine
The recent purchase, part of a $500,000 investment, broadens DiggyPOD’s available binding options and cuts down on waste.


Tecumseh, MI: DiggyPOD, an industry-leading digital book Print on Demand and Self-Publishing Company in southeast Michigan, has begun to offer hardcover printing after their recent purchase of the Mitabook Hardcover Casing-In binder. The Mitabook, will allow DiggyPOD to print bookstore-quality hardcover books.
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Why Self-Published Romance Novels are so Successful

self-published romance novelsValentine’s Day is tomorrow, and love is most certainly in the air—well, at least in self-publishing. Did you know that romance novels are by far the most popular genre in self-publishing? There is an estimated $1.08 billion in romance sales per year*. Whether that’s Paranormal Romance, YA Romance, or Historical Fiction Romance, one thing is for certain: self-published authors who have written a romance novel are in good company. There is both an extremely devoted fan base and potentially serious money in self-published romance novels.
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Workshopping Self-Published Writing

self-published workshoppingStephen King (author of more than fifty novels and two-hundred short stories, you may have heard of him) once said that he always entrusts three friends to read his first drafts. If more than one brings up the same issues with the story, he’ll consider revising that part of the draft. This is called workshopping, and if you’re a self-published author, it’s incredibly necessary.
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Digital Marketing: SNS, SEO, and Self-Publishing

sell your book self-published authorNowadays, it really pays off to have a baseline knowledge of how the Internet works. And in self-publishing, it’s especially useful. If you’re a self-published author, the Internet is going to be the number one way you sell your book.
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Book Reviews: How to Get Them and Why They’re Important for Self-Published Authors

self-published book reviewsSometimes, unless you’re a well-established, self-published writer with a following, getting people to buy your book can be the hardest part. This is one of the most important driving factor in self-publishing, too—not the sales, but rather, getting your words out there and your book into the hands of readers everywhere. There are ways to do it, of course. Marketing is incredibly important for sales, which should be obvious. The less obvious option, however, is getting book reviews (good ones, that is!). Book reviews can say more than the summary, sometimes. A good book review can mean the difference in someone buying your book or someone moving onto something else.
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The Best Self-Publishing Guide Books

If you follow our blog, you’ll know we already wrote a blog about the very best books for writersregardless of what publishing route those writers choose. However, for self-published writers, additional reading may be required. Here at DiggyPOD, we think of ourselves as educators: we want you to have all the information you could possibly need in order to make an informed decision. That’s why our website provides comprehensive and in-depth “lessons” about all things self-publishing.
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