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Save by Mixing Black and White with Color Book Printing

Most printing companies make you choose between all black and white or full color printing. DiggyPOD's advanced printing technology allows you to specify which pages you want printed in color – which saves you a lot of money. We have a special process that lets us select pages that will be color, so whether you've created a book you want in full color, full black and white, or full color, full black and white, or black-and-white pages with select color pages, DiggyPOD can print it for you.

Color Printing Quality

DiggyPOD literally has the most technologically advanced digital printing press ever made: the HP Indigo 7600. This half-million dollar piece of state-of-the-art machinery is the absolute best-in-class printer capable of vast innovative applications for industrial book printing and production. We use this digital printer for every page in every book we print that has color printing in the interior of the book, so your book will be of the same top, professional quality as New York Times best sellers and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Free Samples: See Our Color Printing in Action

Want to see the quality of DiggyPOD's book color printing?

Want to see the quality of DiggyPOD's book color printing? Order a free book sample and we'll send you a book that lets you see firsthand how vibrant and rich our color printing really is!

If you have any questions about DiggyPOD's book printing in color or in black and white printing, please call us at (877) 944-7844. Our expert staff is always ready to answer any questions you have!

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