What are the Different Types of Poetry?

types of poetry

Did you know? April is National Poetry Month! You don’t need to be a poet to enjoy reading poetry. Poetry offers something for everyone: strength, encouragement, reflection, peace. April is an entire month specially dedicated to reading, writing, and appreciating poetry in all its forms. We think this is a practice readers and writers should…

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Self-Publish Your Poetry with DiggyPOD!

self publishing poetry

By now you probably know that April is National Poetry Month. We’ve been talking about poetry all month long. We love reading poetry, writing poetry, and self-publishing poetry. We aim to help all self-publishers throughout every step of the self-publishing journey. From drafting to creating your cover to printing your book, we’ll be right by…

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Why Kids Should Read Poetry

April is National Poetry Month, so we’re talking poetry all month long. Reading poetry can help overall reading and literacy skills, which is exactly why your kids should read poetry. Learn more about Poetry books for kids.

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How to Write Poetry for Beginners

how to write poetry for beginners

April may be our favorite month of the year—National Poetry Month! Whether you write it or not, poetry offers something for everyone who reads it. It can offer strength, encouragement, reflection, peace—the list goes on and on. This month is dedicated to reading, writing, and appreciating poetry in all its forms, which is wonderful, but…

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How to Make Your Writing Better

how to improve your writing

Every writer needs some guidance here and there. You don’t start out by publishing bestselling novels. It takes years of practice and learning. So whether you’ve self-published one book, many books, or no books, there’s always room to improve your writing. Our latest blog series has explored how to improve your writing, from at-home practices…

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Watch Out for These Common Writing Mistakes

common editing mistakes

Imagine this: you’re reading through what you think is a print-ready proof of your manuscript, ready for it to be printed, bound, and shipped out, only to find countless spelling and grammar errors. Suddenly, what you thought was ready to be printed and sold needs another round of edits (maybe a few). Doesn’t sound fun,…

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Improve Your Writing Using The Best Prompts & Exercises

writing prompts for adults

Ever find yourself in a writing rut? You try and try, but no matter how long you stare at the blank page or write, erase, and rewrite a sentence, the words just don’t seem to come. We’ve all been there, and it isn’t fun. Sometimes this uninspired moment turns into full-blown writers block; other times,…

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The Best Books to Improve Your Writing Skills

writing help

Writing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Creativity is a fire that needs to be stoked and fed to keep burning. We’ve already discussed the benefits of writing workshops and writers retreats – the chance to surround yourself with other creatives, the chance to immerse yourself in nature and let it inspire you. The following books…

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Why You Should Attend a Writing Retreat

writing retreats for beginners

The best way to improve your craft is to immerse yourself in your writing, surround yourself with other artists, and, of course, write, write, write. A writing retreat is a good idea for veteran and novice writers alike. Writing retreats are little getaways during which you’ll write, edit, and share your work with other artists.…

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How Writing Workshops Improve Your Craft

creative writing workshops

Writing is a skill like any other: some have a natural affinity for it, where it feels as natural as breathing; others may need to work a little harder to produce work. Every writer, though, must practice, refine, and strengthen their craft through thoughtful exercises, activities, group discussion, and prompts. Think of your brain—and more…

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