Unique Ways to Promote and Sell Your Self-Published Book

marketing books book marketing for self-published authors

This latest blog series has explored unique ways of marketing books. Traditional promotion and book marketing is great—and you should do so in combination with these unique means of promotion to ensure your book attracts all the attention you can get. Book marketing for self-published authors can seem daunting at first, but with a mix…

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A Book Trailer is a Unique Way to Promote Your Book

book trailer

In our latest blog series, we’ve been exploring unique ways to promote self-published work: book clubs, book reviews, and, now, book trailers. DiggyPOD recommends marketing your book in traditional ways (advertisements, social media promotion, etc.), but it’s worth exploring other, lesser utilized avenues. As a writer, use your creativity when promoting your self-published book: create…

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How to Get Book Reviews

how to get book reviews

Our latest blog series is exploring unique ways to promote your self-published book. How can you go above and beyond the traditional marketing methods? One unique way to promote your book and boost your sales is to get as many book reviews as you can. Book reviews and book sales are mutually beneficial for traditional…

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How to Promote a Self-Published Book Online

How to promote a self-published book online

Whether you’ve self-published before or this is your first time, knowing how to promote a self-published book online is extremely important for selling books. If you forgo marketing—or don’t put much effort in it—then selling your book will be  much harder.

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