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Black and White Book Printing Technology

DiggyPOD makes use of the best black and white printing technology available. We print all of our black and white interior pages using Canon's Océ Varioprint digital printing press. The Océ Varioprint digital printing press uses a dry toner that rivals offset printing. Your photos and graphics will print just like they would on a traditional printing press, if not better. In addition to using a state-of-the-art printing machine, the entire black and white printing process is overseen by a team that ensures everything is running smoothly.

Not all black and white printers are created equally. There are some things you want to watch out for when printing your book. When researching book printing companies, watch out for the following.

Fuser Oil Systems

Digital presses that use fuser oil make your text thicker. In print, the text takes on a bold look. Moreover, your graphics and photos will print dark. You also tend to lose details in the photos, especially in the shadows and highlights of your images. Most of the office copiers, copy shops, or home printers use fuser oil systems.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing tends to print fonts and graphics with fuzzy edges. In black and white printing, crisp edges and lines are important for a polished and professional finish.

Roll Feed Systems

Roll feed digital presses use a roll of paper just like a big web printing press does. Roll feed printing presses can print over a thousand pages per minute, but the quality of photos and graphics is lacking. Roll feed systems cannot print as high-quality a resolution as the Océ Varioprint digital printing press does — and we believe in quality over everything.

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