Book Genres DiggyPOD Prints for Self-Publishers

DiggyPOD proudly prints more than 100,000 books each month. People often ask if we specialize in printing any particular genre. The answer is … all of them! With custom sizing, affordable color printing and the easiest DIY print-ready process in the industry, we make self-publishing every kind of book genre easy. From fact to fiction, educational to entertaining, we print all types of books you have worked hard to create. Read on to learn more about the most popular genres among DiggyPOD authors.

Children's Book Publishing

Children's authors spark the imagination and smiles of children around the world with unique stories that delight and teach. If you've penned a children's book and you're ready to bring it life in print, learn more about DiggyPOD's children's book printing and publishing services.

Christian Book Publishing

If you've authored a book to help others in the Christian faith or teach Christian ideals, a print copy of your work will help you spread His word. DiggyPOD has been the publisher of choice for many Christian writers, assisting self-publishing authors with the printing process from works in progress to completed manuscripts. Read more about our Christian book self-publishing and printing services.

Cookbook Publishing

Cooking is an art. It's a science. It's a passion for you and so many others. We bond around food and the culture and lifestyle our food reflects. Your cookbook is the next in a tradition of sharing recipes that's nearly as old as civilization itself. If you're ready to share your recipes and culinary stories in print, read about our cookbook publishing services.

Genealogy Publishing

Turn your genealogical research into a family heirloom that will be passed down through generations. We help genealogists put their records, history and family trees into print so that they can be appreciated over the years to come. Read more about our beautiful genealogy printing.

Fiction and Novel Publishing

Perhaps you, like many other novelists we've worked with, are proud and delighted to have finished the novel manuscript you've been telling friends and family about for so long. It's time to make that novel of dreams a reality. Read about our top-quality and affordable services for novel authors and self-publishers.

Motivational Book Publishing

Motivational book authors have something exciting to share with the world! Bring your inspirational stories and lessons to print and start uplifting an audience. Read more about our motivational book printing services.

Poetry Book Publishing

Your poetry is an expression and the book that holds it can be your expression, too. Black and white as well as color printing at affordable costs, beautiful paper, and a glossy, full-color cover are your tools for giving your poetry a permanent place in this world. Learn more about our customizable poetry book publishing and printing offers.

Religious Book Publishing

Bring your research, meditations and lessons of faith to life. Your book on religion will be printed, bound and ready to distribute in bookstore quality in no time. Learn more our affordable faith-based printing services for self-publishers.

Yearbook Publishing

Bring the past year's memories into the future. Share pictures and stories of friends and colleagues in a special book that keeps those moments alive. Read more about our easy-to-use yearbook printing service, complete with helpful tutorials.

DiggyPOD promises straight-forward pricing, fast turnaround times, unmatched service, and excellent quality. Our job is to make your manuscript look good, because your hard work deserves great quality. If you have any questions, please call us at (877) 944-7844.

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