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Spine Calculator

If you want to figure out the dimensions of your book's spine, use our handy spine width calculator to determine the overall height and width of your book cover. The spine calculator is best to be used by a graphic artist, or authors with a good knowledge of using page layout programs like Adobe InDesign. For first time self-publishers, we recommend using our Free Book Spine Creation service. We will show you how to make a book cover that is easy to understand and can be done in Microsoft Word. Please review Cover Templates to learn more about this free service.

Calculate Book Spine Width

Spine Width: ?
Total Width w/ bleed: ?
Total Height w/ bleed:?

Book Cover Spine with Bleeds and Trim

The dimensions from the spine calculator include a 1/8" (.125") bleed on all four sides. Keep your type and elements that you don't want trimmed off at least 3/8" (.375") from the bleed edge. Once we trim off the 1/8" bleed, your type and elements will be 1/4" (.25") from the trim. See our trim and bleed image below for further clarification.

Book Cover Spine layout

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