Book Marketing and Promotion for Self-Publishers

When it comes to book marketing and promotion, today's author has so many options. Self-published authors can create and post content and videos and share them on social media. They can guest post excerpts on blogs that are popular with their target readership. They can sell their books in local bookstores or online and collect all the profits of their sales. Self-publishers are the engine powering a creative machine. With online tools and platforms for marketing and sales, you can promote your published work to the masses!

Tips for Book Promotion

From digital marketing to traditional book marketing, here are some ideas to help you get started on your book promotion journey.

  • Promote your work via social media. Tweet about it. Create a Facebook page. Join a Google+ community for booklovers.
  • Attend and network at the BookExpo America as an attendee or exhibitor
  • Create an author website where readers can learn more about you and what you have written.
  • Set up a signing at local bookstores.
  • Issue a press release.
  • Pitch a story on your book to local radio stations or newspapers.
  • Identify online publications that share or overlap with your target audience and see if you can publish an article or excerpt of your published work on their website or blog.

Remember, no one is as passionate about a book as the author. That puts you in a unique position to be your book's strongest advocate and best marketer.

Book Marketing Strategies

You've written, printed, published and have begun promoting your book. Now it's time to start selling your book! Where does one begin? We recommend book selling locally and online in a digital marketplace.

Online Book Selling

bookstoreWhen it comes to the digital marketplace, you can sell a book on Amazon, eBay or Barnes & Noble. However, these big names come with big fees. Let's say you sold 1,000 books on Amazon this month, for example with each one selling for a total of $23.99. Amazon's commission, closing and other fees add up to the tune of $5,340. Wouldn't you rather have more of that money in your pocket?

Promote a book with a Book Signing

Another way to start book selling is to visit local bookstores and set up a book-reading or signing where your publication can be stocked on shelves and displays.

To begin, first introduce a copy for the owner to read and let them know why readers are going to have to have your book. Local bookstores love local authors—there's a good chance they'd love to feature your work especially if you are there in person.

The next step after scheduling the event at a bookstore, is to coordinate giving out flyers and bookmarks for the event at the bookstore and in nearby coffee shops and businesses. Inquiring about being featured in the bookstore's webpage or mailer is also a helpful way to boost exposure. Then it's all about making sure you book signing is a huge success. If it is, they will invite you back and word of mouth can spread to other bookstores that would like to engage with you as well.

If you are uncertain how to make your book signing a big success, then do your homework and visit book signings to see what works and what doesn't work. See how many copies they sold versus had available? Or if refreshments caused other patrons to stop and look? What kind of passage was read? Connect with another author you know or respect and see if they can give you any tips or better yet, have them co-headline a signing event with you. This can bring additional publicity and can also expose a new audience to your book.

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