Proofing your book before its final print is a critical step in the self-publishing process. A book proof is your work in either digital or print format before the full order is printed. This lets you see the book before the full run is produced. It's a critical step in the quality check process and an important thing for authors to do. DiggyPOD offers physical book proofs for a low cost and free electronic proofs. Read on to learn more!

Free Electronic Book Proofs

Whenever you place a new order or reprint with changes from DiggyPOD, you will get a free electronic proof of the book after our quality check. You'll receive an email with links that point you to the online proofs that you can then review.

Physical Book Proofs

You can also order a physical book proof if you'd like to see the book in print before signing off on printing the full order. You can order a single unbound copy for only $40. If you'd like a bound, unlaminated copy, it costs $80. In either case, the book proof is printed with the same digital printing press that the final print run will be printed on. Then, the pages are trimmed down to the correct size.

Do I Need a Physical Proof?

If you have a lot of photos and graphics in your book and you want to make sure the colors and photos come out exactly how you envision them, it’s a good idea to get a printed proof. All monitors use the color space of RGB and our printing presses uses CMYK — which means there may be subtle color differences between what you see on your computer screen and what comes out in print.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (877) 944-7844. We are here to make sure you get the best prints possible!

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