Book Barcode Creation

DiggyPOD can create a barcode with a price built right into it. We charge $25 for this service and it includes placing the barcode on the back cover of the book as well.

When you buy your ISBN, do not buy the optional barcode. Most book barcodes that you buy will be in an .eps format that only can be used in high end page layout programs like Adobe Creative Suite. If you try to place the .eps file into word processing programs like Microsoft Word, the barcode will become a low resolution graphic which will not be readable by scanners.

It costs the same price for DiggyPOD to create a barcode as it does for DiggyPOD to place a customer-supplied barcode on the back cover of the book. Save yourself $25 when you purchase your ISBN number by having DiggyPOD create and place the barcode for you.

Please note, the self-publishing author must supply DiggyPOD with the ISBN number. DiggyPOD does not sell ISBN numbers. Please review our ISBN number information for self-publishers to learn more about them.

What Size Should My Barcode Be?

Barcodes can range in size, but the minimum size is 2" wide by 1" high. When you lay out the back cover artwork of your book, make sure to keep a minimum of 2" x 1" white space for the barcode placement. We will place the ISBN barcode we create for you in the space provided in your artwork.

If you have any questions about our barcode creation services, please feel free to call our friendly staff at (877) 944-7844.

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