Build Your Audience of Readers

audience developmentOne crucial aspect of self-publishing a book is probably one you haven’t given much thought to: audience development. Writing can be such a solitary act, and self-publishing lends itself to this feeling, but you must always keep your readers in mind. Your book, once published, belongs to them, too. It’s important to write while keeping audience in mind, and it’s also important to interact with your that audience frequently to both grow and maintain loyal readers. In this blog we’ll discuss how to sell your newly self-published book and how to attract and keep a dedicated reading audience.
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Writing Forums Build an Author’s Audience

writing forumsBuilding an audience is all about making connections. You can do this through your book, your words, your social media personality, your blog, or through meaningful interactions with other writers and readers in writing forums. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a part of a creative and supportive community? Think of how your craft will grow and flourish under the care and meaningful support and critiques of others within your field.
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How to Create a Blog and Author Website to Build Your Audience

make a blogSo far in this blog series, we’ve discussed what audience development is and how to use social media to achieve it. In this blog, we’ll discuss why authors should create a blog and an official author website to provide a central hub for everything they write and publish. Even if you aren’t particularly technologically savvy, you can create a blog and website.
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Using Social Media to Interact with Readers

social media for writersSocial media has many benefits, and social media for writers is a great way to develop, grow, and maintain an audience of devoted readers. Audience development is important not only for sales and income but also for the longevity of your book and potential future books. Social media provides a direct line to readers and other writers. It’s a tool you should definitely utilize when developing your audience.
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Become a Better Writer, Read More in 2019

reading listOne way to make your writing better is to set and follow a reading list. Lately on the blog, we’ve been discussing writing goals. Every writer, whether cognizant of it or not, has writing goals that they’re constantly striving toward. Whether this is to write a screenplay, win a short story competition, or publish a book, it’s good to have dreams and goals to work toward. We recommend setting realistic writing goals that you can add to or expand, setting daily or weekly word counts, and experimenting with other genres to strengthen your craft and potentially find a new arena to self-publish in. Another important way to make your writing better? Read! Reading can strengthen your writing in a myriad of ways. This is why we recommend a reading list. Reading lists or reading challenges keep your mind active and keep you up-to-date on literary trends.

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Write Outside Your Comfort Zone

types of writing genres2019 is here, which means it’s time to start setting and sticking to new writing goals for the year. Writing goals or writing resolutions are so important for writers because they help keep them on track and motivated. Along with setting daily or weekly word counts, writing in a different genre can help strengthen and grow your craft. There are so many different kinds of genres of writing and subgenres within those genres. Some books blend aspects of several different types of writing genres. With so many worlds waiting to be written, why limit yourself to just one genre?

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How Many Words should be in a Novel

how many words are in a novelIf you’ve been deciding how to set writing goals for yourself, chances are you’ve asked, “How many words are in a novel anyway?” Well, let us tell you: a lot. Writing a novel or a memoir or a cookbook is a lot of work, but in the end it’s so worth it when you have that book in your hands. The beloved yearly writing initiative, National Novel Writing Month, which happens every November and rallies writers from all over the world, encourages writers to write at least 1,667 words per day. Meeting these daily word counts allows writers to complete a novel-length piece of work by December.

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Why Are Writing Goals Important For Authors

Iwriting goalst’s officially 2019! If you’ve been wanting to self-publish a book, then this is the year to set writing goals and make it happen. Writing goals are a great way to keep track of your progress and hold yourself accountable. However, like all New Year’s resolutions, you may find yourself a bit too optimistic at first. You may set writing goals that are either unrealistic or unattainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Instead, set realistic writing goals for 2019: goals that you can meet and exceed, goals that will both challenge and champion you, and goals that will make your writing even stronger and prepare your work to be self-published.

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