Writing A Book 101: How to Create Character Development

writing a bookWriting a book comes with a multitude of learning opportunities. You may think you know all there is to writing a book—you just write whatever you want, obviously—but there are many tiny facets of novel, memoir, and poetry writing that you must pay close attention to. One of these is character development. Characters are integral to any kind of writing. A lot of books, in fact, focus more on character development than plot. The characters, in a sense, become the plot. Whether or not your book is plot-focused or character-driven, you’ll need to invest some time into making sure your characters are three dimensional, complex, and, creatures of change.

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How to Edit a Book: How Hiring a Freelance Editor Can Help Your Self-Published Book

how to edit a bookWe’ve done blogs on how to edit a book before. We firmly believe in the power of the self-published author. It requires the author to wear many hats – writer, editor, publisher, marketer, etc. However, we’re also never going to suggest passing up help, in any form. That’s why we recommend finding a freelance editor. Freelance editors know how to edit a book for publishing. They’ll be able to do so much more with your manuscript than you could on your own. There’s no shame in asking for help; really, a good book depends on it.
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What Happens After Self-Publishing a Book? 6 Ways to Build Author Credibility and Sell Your Book

self-publishing a bookSelf-publishing a book is an exciting adventure, one that doesn’t end with publication. The self-published author must remain an active participant (and, really, the only participant) in every aspect of book publishing. From writing the book to selling the book to maintaining an online author presence, the self-published author will never be bored! They will live and breathe for this book. A part of selling a self-published book is creating credibility as an author. Self-publishing a book is one thing; selling it and gaining fans is another.
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How to Market Children’s Books

Did you read Monday’s blog on children’s books? If not, catch up now.

children's booksYou’ll remember that earlier this week on the blog, we discussed how to write a children’s book. From the initial idea inception until the moment it lands in tiny, eager hands, children’s books are a promise to the next generation. They can teach lessons, inspire, and lead. Self-publishing a children’s book can be an incredible journey, and, like any self-published book, it doesn’t end with publication. You’ll be involved in every step of the way, and this includes the marketing of the book. Marketing self-published children’s books is an interesting task, different from the marketing of a regular book for one sole reason: the people buying the book are not the intended audience.

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How to Publish Children’s Books

children's books / writing a children's bookOne very popular genre of self-publishing is children’s books. Writing a children’s book is a noble feat: you’re passing along knowledge to the next generation. It may seem like just a simple little picture book, but these books are so immensely important to these kids. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that children who are read to frequently are more likely to:
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Why Self-Publishing and POD Publishers are Good for the Environment

POD publishers self-publishing Earth day is tomorrow, Saturday, April 22nd, and it has us thinking about how everything we do affects the environment – for better or for worse. There’s no doubt that each and every one of us can do our part to better the earth we live on. This is definitely true for writers. At DiggyPOD, the way we help is by cutting down on paper waste – by printing exactly the number of books you need. Self-publishing and POD publishers (print on demand) can help the environment by avoiding mass production.
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How Self-Published Authors Can Benefit From Having a Blog

author blogs creative writing blogsBlogging has been immensely popular online since the onset of the earliest form of social media. It is estimated that nearly seven million people post blogs onto websites. It is an incredibly useful tool for businesses, as well. 61% of U.S. consumers have purchased something based on a blog they read. Because 23% of total Internet usage time is dedicated to social networking sites and blogs, it’s incredibly smart to take advantage of this momentum, especially if you’re a self-published author. Author blogs or creative writing blogs are the perfect way to gain attention, keep it, and persuade those readers to buy your book.
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Self-Publishing Christian Books or Other Faith-Based Books

self-publishing christian booksThere’s no doubt about it: Christian, or other faith-based books, are some of the most popular in self-publishing. Whether for personal use or for dissemination to Churches, religious small groups, or as informational material to possible believers, self-published Christian books are very widespread and popular. Self-publishing Christian books, or other faith-based books, can fulfill a longing or aspiration in the life of the author while simultaneously touching and inspiring those who encounter it. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to get a Christian book published (spoiler alert: us!) and why it’s such a great choice for spiritual writers.
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How to Publish a Book: 5 Things Writers Need to Know | DiggyPOD Blog

how to publish a bookPublishing a book used to be a long, arduous process, and it could take years for writers to figure out how to publish a book. Self-publishing, however, is much simpler. Self-publishing has a long history, too; it’s nothing new. It dates all the way back to 1931. Self-published authors, since then, have chosen this route for many different reasons, from the ease of it to the freedom it allows writers.
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How to Write a Successful Book Series

how to write book seriesIf you’re writing a great book, why stop at one? Why not write an entire book series? Of course, not every book warrants an entire series, but some are made for it. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about how to write a successful book series. From idea conception to plot to self-publishing, writing a series takes dedication and consistency. Not every author is cut out for it, but those who are can create memorable, life-changing books.
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