3 Mistakes to Avoid When Self-Publishing

mistakes_to_avoidThe introduction of e-readers and self-publishing outlets has kicked many authors into high gear. The self-publishing niche is experiencing unprecedented growth, offering writers an affordable outlet for getting their stories heard (or read) without having to jump through the hoops associated with traditional publishing.

There’s no question that self-publishing can be the path toward a bright and promising future for today’s author, but there are also mistakes that can delay success unnecessarily. Here are 3 incredibly important mistakes to avoid
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The Top 6 Genres in Self-Publishing

top_genres_of_publishingWith e-books becoming more popular by the day, authors are taking publishing rights into their own hands. If you’re thinking about self-publishing, consider why it’s important to know which genres are most popular. What do readers want to see? How can you write a novel that reaches more people? Is your chosen genre exciting to your audience?
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6 Ways You Know You are Meant to be An Author

According to a survey of ISBN data from October 2013, more than 391,000 self-published books were released in the previous year, continuing an upward trend that displays no signs of slowing down. With the advent of the digital e-reader, aspiring authors have found it easier than ever to put their fiction out to the masses. Are you meant to join them? Here are six ways to know if your destiny lies in becoming an author.

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