How to Promote a Self-Published Book Online

How to promote a self-published book online

Whether you’ve self-published before or this is your first time, knowing how to promote a self-published book online is extremely important for selling books. If you forgo marketing—or don’t put much effort in it—then selling your book will be  much harder.

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What are Galley Proofs?

gallery proofs

There are many steps within the publishing process, one of these being the printing of “pre-first editions,” which include galley proofs and advanced reader copies.

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Advanced Reader Copies

advanced reader copies

In your publishing journey, you may come across some terms that you’re unfamiliar with, one of these terms being “advanced reader copies” (sometimes known as advance review copy, advance reader’s edition, advance copy, or reader’s edition). Advanced reader copies (or “ARCs”) are small runs of forthcoming books meant for early, specially selected readers. These readers…

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What is the Back Matter of a Book?

back matter

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been doing a blog series on the back matter of a book. (We did a similar one on the front matter) You’ll remember that the front matter is all of the material that comes before the central story – or body text – in a book. This includes…

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Why You Should Include a Colophon in Your Book


Perhaps one of the simplest aspects of the back matter is the colophon. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not important – quite the opposite, actually. Where the publisher is concerned, the colophon may be the most important part of the back matter. The colophon contains all the technical information pertaining to the book,…

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Writing a Discussion Section in a Book

discussion section

Another section of the back matter that may or may not be included in a book is the discussion section. If it seems like many of the sections of the back matter are optional, that’s because they are! There are certain things that find their way into every book’s back matter (such as an about…

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What is a Bibliography? Why is it Useful?


As a part of the book’s back matter, the bibliography is a crucial section that cites sources used throughout the book. These sources may be used to bolster the author’s credibility, strengthen their argument or cause, or negate certain claims made in other books. Whatever the reason, if an author uses an additional source when…

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