Finding Balance Between Dialogue and Narration

writing a book

Writing a book is a challenging feat, one that many people set out to do and find too difficult. Self-published authors, especially, have lots of challenges facing them, but the payoff is great. Self-publishing a book is a great way to get good stories into the hands of eager readers. Anyone can self-publish, and that’s…

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How to Make Money as a Writer

how to make money as a writer

Art is a refuge. It’s a cornerstone of society, a reminder of beauty and revolution and comfort. Art museums, music, libraries – they’re all necessary aspects in culture. Yet, despite this high regard, too often writers (as well as other artists) are not compensated as they properly should be. It can be difficult, figuring out…

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Choosing a Narrator for Your Novel


Choosing a narrator for your novel is usually intuitive. More likely than not, as your idea is forming, a protagonist will rise to the surface, and the narration will fall to them. The protagonist is in the center of the story, so it’s only natural that the storytelling will be their responsibility. But choosing a…

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Writing Inspiration: The Stories Behind 5 Famous Books

book titles

Writing inspiration can come from anywhere. Some writing inspiration can come to you in a dream – like Twilight author Stephenie Meyer or Stephen King or Mary Shelley (yup, Frankenstein was inspired by a dream, or maybe a nightmare). Character inspiration can come from real life people (for example, characters in Moby Dick, The Picture…

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Different Types of Poetry

types of poetry

Sometimes convoluted, yet always uniquely beautiful, poetry, as poet Rita Dove once put it, “is language at its most distilled and most powerful.” There are different types of poetry, each powerful in their own way. 

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POD Publishers in the Age of the E-Book

POD Publishers

When e-books first came on the scene, traditional publishers, POD publishers, and writers alike were worried that print books would soon be obsolete. There was much excitement surrounding electronic books and the ease with which one could simply download and read a book without even leaving the couch. Speculations were made that print would be obsolete…

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