How Self-Published Authors Can Benefit From Having a Blog

Blogging has been immensely popular online since the onset of the earliest form of social media. It is estimated that nearly seven million people post blogs onto websites. It is an incredibly useful tool for businesses, as well. 61% of U.S. consumers have purchased something based on a blog they read. Because 23% of total…

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Self-Publishing Christian Books or Other Faith-Based Books

self-publishing christian books

There’s no doubt about it: Christian, or other faith-based books, are some of the most popular in self-publishing. Whether for personal use or for dissemination to Churches, religious small groups, or as informational material to possible believers, self-published Christian books are very widespread and popular. Self-publishing Christian books, or other faith-based books, can fulfill a…

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How to Write a Successful Book Series

how to write book series

If you’re writing a great book, why stop at one? Why not write an entire book series? Of course, not every book warrants an entire series, but some are made for it. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about how to write a successful book series. From idea conception to…

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How to Write a Plot

how to write a plot

Sometimes, the hardest part of figuring out how to write a novel is deciding what to write about and how to plot it out. As you remember from our two-part blog post on how to write a novel, plot is essential when beginning your writing journey. You wouldn’t go on a road trip without mapping…

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Self-Publishing Poetry Collections

self-publishing poetry

Poetry has a rich history of inspiring millions of people, and that’s why DiggyPOD takes great pride in helping authors who are self-publishing poetry collections. Poetry can be fiery and invigorating; it can express emotions that are difficult to express. It can soothe and comfort, and it can motivate. The impact poetry can have knows…

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Choose a Book Format Your Manuscript

self-publishing book format

It may sound simple enough, but picking out the right book format can be difficult, especially when you’re self-publishing. The elements of formatting and design can be difficult for a new author, particularly one that doesn’t have much experience with design work. It can get a little overwhelming, but DiggyPOD strives to make it as…

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Why Literary Journals Should Choose Self-Publishing

self-publishing literary journal

Literary journals are immensely popular nowadays. They provide writers with an outlet for their art. They make good writing easily accessible for readers everywhere. Many literary journals are online only, but the ones who publish print books can create beautiful, inspiring works of art. Running a literary journal can be quite successful, too, if it’s…

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How to Write Historical Fiction

historical fiction

One of the most popular genres in fiction is historical fiction. Historical fiction novels a perfect blend of what has happened and what could have happened. It’s a great way to meld factual research with personal creativity. Each author gets their ideas for writing historical fiction in their own way: whether that’s inspiration from a…

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