7 Cliches to Avoid When Writing Romance Novels

romance novels

Romance novels are the most popular in self-publishing. There is an estimated $1.08 billion in romance sales per year. Self-published authors can make serious money writing romance novels. Romance readers are fiercely dedicated to their genre, but one thing is for sure: if you rely on romance cliches, you won’t get very far. Here are…

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Writing A Book 101: How to Create Character Development

writing a book

Writing a book comes with a multitude of learning opportunities. You may think you know all there is to writing a book—you just write whatever you want, obviously—but there are many tiny facets of novel, memoir, and poetry writing that you must pay close attention to. One of these is character development. Characters are integral…

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What Happens After Self-Publishing a Book? 6 Ways to Build Author Credibility and Sell Your Book

self-publishing a book

Self-publishing a book is an exciting adventure, one that doesn’t end with publication. The self-published author must remain an active participant (and, really, the only participant) in every aspect of book publishing. From writing the book to selling the book to maintaining an online author presence, the self-published author will never be bored! They will…

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How to Market Children’s Books

children's books

Did you read Monday’s blog on children’s books? If not, catch up now. You’ll remember that earlier this week on the blog, we discussed how to write a children’s book. From the initial idea inception until the moment it lands in tiny, eager hands, children’s books are a promise to the next generation. They can…

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How to Publish Children’s Books

children's books | writing a children's book

One very popular genre of self-publishing is children’s books. Writing a children’s book is a noble feat: you’re passing along knowledge to the next generation. It may seem like just a simple little picture book, but these books are so immensely important to these kids. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that children who…

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