Self-Publishing as a Career

self-publishingSelf-publishing is a great way for authors to get their book published. Self-publishing gives a voice to diverse authors, allowing their stories to be told freely and with abandon. Traditional publishing deters these authors: the process is too long, too selective, and turns away too many people with dreams and beautiful books begging to be published.

Self-publishing, on the other hand, puts the author in control. They decide what they publish, when they publish, how many copies they publish, and how to sell those copies. This kind of freedom and control over something as personal and tedious as writing a book can be liberating and exhilarating. It’s no wonder so many authors are turning toward self-publishing to realize their dreams.

With self-publishing, however, comes the potential to transition into traditional publishing, pending the success of the book. Some self-published authors, who have achieved record breaking sales and a widespread fan following, have been approached by traditional publishing houses who want to capitalize on that success. There’s nothing wrong with the decision to re-publish with these houses, or to sign new deals for future books with them. Some authors, however, may decide to stay in self-publishing: to continue to self-publish, book after book, and make their career out of doing exactly what they want.

Making a career as a self-published author

Self-publishing will always be there for authors. A POD printer, like DiggyPOD, is a perfect choice for authors who wants to publish just one book and authors who have endless books they want to publish. Whether it’s a series or individual stories, authors who have multiple books they want to see self-published can do exactly that.

While the convenience of self-publishing is a major draw, it will be entirely up to the author to ensure future books get published. Staying inspired, staying dedicated, and staying true to the story will be entirely up to them. Since there’s no editorial team or marketing team hounding the author for their next novel, the author will have to keep on track.

That’s why we have this blog, though—to address issues writers may face, to fill in the gaps when the words don’t seem to come. Authors are never, ever going it alone when they print with DiggyPOD.

Writer, publisher, marketer

Authors will wear many hats when they self-publish: writer, editor, designer, publisher, marketer—the list goes on! Each step as important as the last, each step crucial in the creation of the book. If an author wishes to make a career out of self-publishing, they’ll need to be as equally dedicated and focused in each step. Should they neglect one, everything else will suffer. There are a lot of moving parts in the writing, publishing, and promoting of a book.

Marketing, especially, will become an important aspect, and it will be all the more important if the author decides that self-publishing is their career path. Both marketing the book and marketing the writer will become a determining factor in the success of the self-published novel and the one after that and the one after that.

Self-published authors who wish to publish multiple books or a series of books will want to gain a following. They’ll want to attract a group of readers who will continue to buy the work they put out. This is how careers—regardless of publishing—are made: through the love and commitment of voracious readers.

Self-publishing allows the author to keep 100% of the profits

One major draw of a career in self-publishing is, of course, the profits. In traditional publishing, authors only receive a percentage of their sales. When an author self-publishes with DiggyPOD, however, and sells their book through BookBlues, they keep 100% of their profits. There are no royalties, no percentages, and no catches. This is how art should be: liberating and beneficial for the artist behind it.

If a writer chooses a career in self-publishing, it will mean lots of work, on this novel and the one to come. However, hard work means greater rewards.