A Family Cookbook Makes Gift-Giving Easy

family cookbookIt’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is upon us once more, which means you’re probably relying on that trusty family cookbook to prepare your meal. And once all the turkey is eaten, it’s time to get serious about that holiday shopping list. ‘Tis the season to scour the mall for the very best gift for everyone on your list, fight over that gift with another shopper, and spend an exorbitant amount of money making sure everyone gets something special and unique. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?

We get it: gift-giving is hard. You want to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. However, finding said gift can be downright impossible sometimes. Before you know it, it’ll be December 25. Now, you could always take the easy, cliche way out: give your loved ones a picture frame, a candle, a sweater that doesn’t fit, or, if you’re desperate enough, a gift card. However, if you’d rather avoid cliches (which most good writers do), allow DiggyPOD to help you with that ever-growing holiday shopping list.

How can DiggyPOD help you find the perfect gift? Simple! Our Print on Demand technology makes it easy for you to give a gift that is personal, useful, and timeless: a family cookbook—one printed and published by you.

Fun fact: DiggyPOD is one of the leading cookbook manufacturers in the United States, having published thousands of cookbooks. DiggyPOD currently publishes a variety of cookbooks: fundraiser cookbooks, family cookbooks, church cookbooks, cookbooks for catering companies, and even cookbooks for restaurants. With easy-to-use printing and publishing tutorials, we take the stress out of gift-giving, letting you focus on what really matters this holiday season: family, friends, and food.

Print a Family Cookbook as a Holiday Gift

A family cookbook is an ideal gift because it’s personal enough to convey how much someone means to you, but versatile enough to give one to everyone on your Christmas list! What makes a great gift is that it’s memorable, valuable, and personaland your family cookbook, printed and bound, is all three.

The memories that will be created because of your family cookbook are countless. With every recipe comes a story, one remembered and one created. Just imagine it now: your son, daughter, brother, or sister baking that super secret apple pie recipe you inherited from your great-grandmother. Not only is the memory of your great-grandmother preserved and cherished, but new memories will be made, all because of your self-published cookbook.

Cookbooks have an intrinsic value that is timeless and long-lasting. The family recipes you fill your cookbook with will endure. They’ll assure the people on your list that you care deeply for them. They can use those recipes time and time again. What better way to preserve your family’s most treasured recipes?

Plus, if you publish your family cookbook with DiggyPOD, they’re very affordable, which is the number one thing any gift-giver is looking for. The days of racking up credit card debt at Christmastime are long gone. When you published with DiggyPOD, you’re guaranteed an affordable rate for a quality product that your family and friends will love. Plus, if you order 100 or more copies, your shipping is free!

Even if you don’t gift every copy of your cookbook, you can save them for future occasions. Cookbooks are the perfect gift for virtually every special occasion: weddings, birthdays, anniversariesyou name it!

This holiday season, give yourself the greatest gift of all: peace of mind knowing that your list is covered. Naughty or nice, everyone can get a memorable, valuable, and personal gift this year, thanks to DiggyPOD.