Book Cover Design that Sells

I have been told, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. What a challenging and almost an impossible request. We all do it on instinct, don’t we? A great book cover design gives a glimpse of what is to come. It is a representation of the content, the author, and foretells the experience that could be had by a reader. This is why authors try so very hard to find a design that will properly display their writings. What is shown on the shelf is what the audience thinks they will be diving into. Book Cover design is crucial.

A Book is Judged by its Cover!!

I have also been told that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Whether you are meeting your potential new boss, introduced to a friend, or even selling a book; the first moments are crucial. No pressure, right?

first impressionYour cover forms the reader’s first impression of the book’s content and your style of writing. While the back cover content assures the reader a book is worth investing time and money in the literary journey, the cover makes the first impression. A successful front cover must attract a buyer’s attention. This is a key marketing tool to sell your product. Not happy with your book sales? You might want to take a second look at your cover design.

Your cover is the face of your writing. It should attract attention and leave your potential audience wanting more. The back cover content should compel your now interested audience to commit. Keep in mind that you are trying to get people to invest in the experience your book has to offer. Your cover image will be the crux of all your marketing materials. This takes time and effort and, of course, money. Trust us, it is worth the investment.

Instead of feeling the weight of the importance of a first impression, we can take the challenge and seize the opportunity by properly displaying your personality, passions, character, etc. This is how a self-publishing author should tackle the exciting yet intimidating task of creating a proper book cover.

Create a Cover that inspires Readers to read your Book

When creating a cover, keep in mind what the audience should gather from their first glace. The audience needs to know:

  1. What to expect: Just like peeking through a key hole in a door, a cover gives a sneak peak to what they will be reading.
  2. The genre: A great cover should fall within the norms for your genre while standing out among other books.
  3. Who it is targeted to: Just as your book is written to a certain demographic; your cover should capture a specific target audience.

Searching for Book Cover Design Ideas?

searchingSurround yourself in an environment that will spark inspiration. Just as authors tend to do when writing the content of their book, authors should be around things, people, places that will encourage their creativity. Start by spending time relaxing in a bookstore. Observe how customers view books. Notice your target market and which displays, colors, and trends attract specific demographics. What makes a certain cover stand out? What draws a customer to a book? What makes buyers pick up a book and read a cover? These are all great ways to ignite ideas for your own piece.

Possibly consider what your readers may ask themselves when searching for a book:

  • Is this the genre that I am looking for?
  • Is this a familiar concept that I am interested in?
  • Does this hold a character that I can relate to?
  • Is this like a book I have read before?
  • Does this book look interesting?

The publishing industry relies on visual stimuli to sell books to readers. This goes to show that the cover can have a huge impact on book sales. Here at DiggyPOD, we print nothing but the best for the Self-Publishing author. We want to come alongside you and complement your work. Your beautiful cover design ideas can be perfected through our superior printing, and using our Custom Book Cover Design Service.

Paint the Perfect Picture with your Cover Design

A cover is a blank canvas to paint a picture of your writings. Wrap your passions with a wrapping paper of wonder that leaves the audience wanting to unwrap. Invite others to take part in the gift of your writing. That is what is about… isn’t it? Writing is an opportunity to give to others, and it starts with the first impression. Make sure you have it covered.

Happy Printing!

Kevin Osworth