What is a Book Spine?

book spineThe book spine is part of the cover of the book, and is the same thickness of the interior pages of the book. The spine of the book should be scored, to allow the cover to wrap around the interior pages. The scoring of the cover material ensures that the paper does not crack when the text is wrapped around the cover.

The best quality book spines are scored four times, two scores for the spine itself, and two more scores for what is called the hinge score of the spine. The best book spines use a hinged spine, and it gives the book a professional finish. Please request DiggyPOD’s Free Sample Book, so you can see a book spine sample with the hinged binding.

Printing on the Spine of a Book

Most books will have the title and author’s name on the spine of the book. The thicker the book, the bigger the spine copy can be. All perfect bound (paperback books) and Hardcover books have a spine.

Some books cannot have printing on the spine of the book because they are not thick enough and the type will be too small to read. Typically, any spine smaller than .136” of an inch will not have any type on the spine, because the type will be too small to read. To figure out the book thickness and the book cover dimensions, please use our Book Spine Calculator.

Here is a list of different binding styles that cannot have a spine:

  • Saddle-Stitched Books
  • Plastic Coil or Spiral Binding
  • Wire-O Binding

Book Spine Design

While the front cover design is what will peek a potential readers interest, the book spine design is as equally important. Most bookstores have the books lined up on shelves with the only thing showing is the book spine.

Here are some ideas to peek the readers interest with your spine design:

  • Use good contrast between the fonts and background colors
  • Use bright colors for the spine type
  • Use a font that is easy to read
  • Include a catchy graphic if the spine is big enough
  • Center the type in the middle of the spine

When designing the spine of the book, do not make the type the exact same size as the spine. Make sure you center the spine text inside the spine. If the text is the exact size of the spine, you risk that the type might wrap to the front or back cover and make the type look cut off when the book is sitting on the bookshelf.

While designing a book spine might seem like a daunting task for most. DiggyPOD has made the task simple with our Free Book Cover Spine Creation.

When you place your order, choose the Free Book Spine Creation service under additional services. All you have to do is enter your information for the book spine. DiggyPOD will then marry your front and back covers together along with the spine copy. DiggyPOD offers a free online proof for you to review before your books are printed, so you can make sure the spine is exactly how you want it to be.

If you have any questions about book spines or any of our services, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-944-7844. We are here to help you with your book spine design questions.


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