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Printing and Paper Quality

DiggyPOD takes printing and paper quality seriously. The books we print are the quality of books sold at bookstores. We print more than 100,000 books each month. Read on to learn more about how DiggyPOD prints such high-quality books.

Paper Quality

What paper is right for your book? DiggyPOD offers four different paper options, all of which are professional, high-level quality.

50-lb Paper in White
50-pound white paper is the traditional white paper found in paperbacks around the world. If you choose this paper, the interior of the book can only be printed in black and white. It's the perfect option for novels, poetry books, or other books that use little or no photos.
60-lb Paper White or Natural
Because of the higher weight, 60-pound paper has more opacity. That increase in opacity makes color photos show up bright and vivid. If you are printing a book with color photos, such as a cookbook, the 60-lb paper is the perfect option. You can choose this paper in traditional white or natural, which is a light cream color that creates an antique feel.
70-lb White Paper
70-pound white paper is our highest quality paper. We recommend the 70-pound paper for books that include many color photos.

Free Sample: See our Paper Quality in Action

Want to see the quality of our paper and printing? Order a free book sample and we'll send you a book that lets you experience our paper quality and printing quality firsthand!

Would you like to know more about which paper quality is right for you book? Call us at (877) 944-7844 and we'll be happy to help you!

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